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Hi deer, I’m Gabor Deak 24 Years in Gastro with Diploma (Cook, Waiter, Barista, Bartender and 10 Years Privat Cocktailbar ) we try make the best always with my wife Rozsa in our Food-Truck also. 
 We Love Good and Delicious Food and Drinks and we try to make in our Special Ability to our Traditional Kitchen. 
 The idea has come because we cook every day with passion, and we like so much fine Meals. 
 We are here in Swiss since 2012 and working hard and I have Start the School what we need to our Food Truck 2 Years ago. 
 In 2018 Other has come the Idea to build up a small Family Business.
 Best Regards 

Unser Projekt

Unsere Arbeit ist unsere Leidenschaft und ein positiver Antrieb für jeden neuen Tag. Sie bringt uns dazu, Herausforderung als Chance zu verstehen und neue Ziele zu erreichen.

Bildnachweis: Scott Webb on Unsplash